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When You Should See an Eye Doctor

A general eye doctor is someone who gives a specialized service pertaining to the eyes or visual acuity. The term can also cover those nurses and other health care personnel who are involved in eye care. Eye doctors are highly trained professionals who have undergone training either at an eye school or through years of practice in medicine. Their main task is to diagnose and treat eye ailments.

DescriptionThe most important thing that a regular eye doctor does is to check the patient's sight and visual acuity. He or she performs tests that include an ocular examination, visual field test, and refraction examination. The ocular examination is done to check for any abnormalities on the eyes such as myopia, hypermetropia, presbyopia and astigmatism. The visual field test will assess how well a person's vision is able to be seen with the use of his or her eyes. The refraction test will determine the clearness of a person's vision and correct it if necessary. Learn more about the best eye doctor.

DiagnosisOnce a complete physical examination by an eye doctor has been conducted on the patient, the findings will be documented and taken further to establish the cause of eye disease. Eye disease will often have a leading cause which can be determined during the exam. For example, myopia refers to eye problems where a person has a blurred image when looking at nearby objects. This can lead to many difficulties in seeing things clearly and many times leads to headaches and eye strain. Astigmatism on the other hand refers to a condition where a person experiences a blurred image when looking at nearby objects.

Treatment undergone by an eye doctor can range from glasses or contact lenses to laser surgery or conventional treatment such as wearing eyeglasses. Glasses are used mostly by people who suffer from presbyopia wherein they need to wear corrective lenses to help them see well. In some instances, people who suffer from astigmatism or hypermetropia may use corrective lenses instead of glasses. These lenses are custom-made and are thinner than regular glasses or contact lenses. However, a drawback to this is that they cannot be worn while driving or operating heavy machinery. Visit this website to get the best eye doctor.

Prescription strengthsThe eye doctor will determine the prescription strength that will be used for the patient. This can be one of the most crucial factors, especially if the patient is using regular eyeglass lenses. Some people can easily get away with regular eyeglass lenses because they do not require stronger prescriptions compared to their custom-made stronger prescriptions. For others, stronger prescription strength is necessary to avoid problems that can arise with wearing lenses. However, using eyeglass lenses with stronger prescriptions can actually be harmful since stronger prescriptions can correct eye conditions that may be corrected with lower prescriptions.

An eye doctor's appointmentAn eye exam by an eye doctor is usually quick and can usually be done in about thirty minutes. During this exam, the eye doctor checks for eye conditions, such as glaucoma and macular degeneration. He may also check for diseases in the eye, such as cataracts and eye cancer. During the exam, the eye doctor uses an instrument called the speculum to take a sample of the patient's tears. This is done so he can test the patient's vision to ensure that he can see colors, shapes, and sizes on objects clearly. Find out more about this topic here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Optometry.

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